Petra Rick

  • I live in Schwedt, a small german town in Brandenburg. The area is called Uckermark and is surrounded by a unique and varied nature.
  • I am a qualified florist. But painting was always a passion and hobby for me. My knowledge as a florist helps me in particular in painting of still life pictures.
  • As an autodidact, I have learnt a lot of different painting technologies during the past years. My preferred technologies became oil painting, pastel drawing, aquarelle and graffiti.
  • Painting of objects, especially painted milk cans or painted goose or painted ostrich eggs gives me a lot of fun.
  • Nature and animals have always remained my preferred motives. I love animals especially dogs, what you can easy recognises if you have a look at my landscape pictures and animal pictures.
  • Painting on commission in particular portraits of a person or an animal were strongly requested during the last years, and so portraits became a new main focus of my work.
  • To develop my technologies with professional help, I finished a 2-year distant school for creative painting.
    Zeugnis kreative Malschule