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painted portrait of animals (especially of dogs) in Aquarell

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plus shipping and handling

  • Model: 01004-2012


individual portraits of animals (especially a portrait of a dog) in aquarell.

The price depends on the picture size and the number of painted animals.

The named price is only valid for a picture with the size of 50 x 60 cm with one animal plus shipping expenses.

You send me some photos and harmonize your ideas with me. In my galery you can see my different kinds of painting a portrait of animals. Please use the pictures in my galery as a suggestion.

After I have paint your picture, I will send you a photo of the ready picture.
You only have to buy the picture if you like it.

Other prices (plus shipping expenses):
  • picture size 50x60cm with 1 animal = 100 EURO
    A additional second animal costs 35 euros extra.
    A additional third animal costs 20 euros extra.
    Every further animal (from 4. animal) costs 10 EURO extra.

If you have any other desire, then simply ask!

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