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Welcome to my Online Offers!

Beside ready painted pictures and skilfully painted objects I also paint pictures accordingly of your own imagination.

One of my specializations are portraits. Look, simply in my categories at induvidual painting. I paint portraits of people, but also portraits of animals, in particular portrait of dogs. I love dogs very much, and painting a portrait of a dog is always a pleasure to me.

Do you have some special wishes or would you like to buy a special landscape picture, still life pictures or a portrait in oil or a painted milk can? Please simply use my contact form to get in touch with me.

You simply send me some photos and harmonize your ideas with me. In my gallery or in my work you can see my different ways to paint. Please use these pictures as an helpful inspiration. After I have paint your picture or object, I will send you a photo of the ready work of art.
You only have to buy the picture if you like it.

And if you love nicely painted goose eggs or painted ostrich eggs, simply have a look in the category painted eggs.

I am glad about your order!

Petra Rick

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