My pleasure of painting I would like to give to you

Painting is a wonderful way to express things and feelings
that sometimes could not expressed with words
and a fleeting look may ignore.

A well done picture gives pleasure not only the painter
but also the future owner.

A well done picture only can originate
if the right time and the right feeling come together.

What would be your desire: a painted milk can, an induvidual portrait (also a portrait of a dog) or a painted ostrich egg?

With love for details I paint accordingly to your own imagination or your photo presentation. To paint a portrait (also animal portraits especially a portrait of a dog), a still life or landscapes picture in oil, pastel or aquarelle are my favorites.

But also a painted milk can or painted eggs e.g painted ostrich eggs I like to paint accordingly to your wishes.
Please have a look at my online offers.

In my gallery or in my work you can find a lot of inspirations, how your induvidual picture or painted milk can or painted ostrich egg could look like.

Petra Rick

If I knew what art is,
I would keep it for myself
Pablo Picasso